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October 20th 2012
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Erin Mullins, 4th Grade

"By helping to cultivate a nurturing classroom environment that has meaningful, content rich activities, I can reach the learning needs of every child that walks through my door."


Teaching is an especially transformative, rewarding, and satisfying profession. During my three years teaching at St. James school, I’ve had wonderful experiences working with dedicated professionals, and the great opportunity to challenge the hearts and minds of young students, who I have had the pleasure to watch grow and change. My goal as a teacher is to guide students to become independent, life-long lovers of learning.


Students at St. James come away from their classes with knowledge gained by being intrinsically motivated, interacting positively with their peers, and an understanding of their learning strengths and needs. St. James teachers stress the importance of personal responsibility, academic excellence, reflection for growth, and the importance of building a school wide community that helps to the development of the whole child .


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