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Cynthia Caputo, Kindergarten

"Besides building a strong community, we take pride in the passion that
envelops our school."

Community. Passion. Growth.

These three words sum up my teaching philosophy and love for St. James School. In having a school filled with so many different personalities, all of who come from different homes and cultures, we find it very important to create a community—within the classroom, and with our parents. When students feel safe in the classroom, and have a solid foundation of teacher-parent partnerships, teaching becomes more effective, and learning, more accessible. Students increase their level of motivation, and we are provided with more opportunities of meeting students’ educational and social needs.


I (like many other teachers at St. James) constantly put my students first, analyzing their behaviors, successes, and challenges—trying to find ways to better serve their needs and interests. In doing so, we make room for growth—for our students and for ourselves. As educators of St. James, we commit ourselves to further develop our passion and knowledge, not only to better serve our students, but also, to continue our path of being faith-filled life-long learners. I am genuinely proud to be part of the St. James Family!



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