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Kindergarten and First Grade had the opportunity to attend Kidquake, a Literature-based program hosted by the San Francisco Main Library last week, and they had a blast! Although we were unable to attend the Children’s Authors Presentations (as we have in the past), we instead participated in a Bookmaking Workshop, taught by C.J. Grossman (a well-known bookmaker and teacher). Students made theater pop-up books, which helped them practice many standard-related skills such as developing fine motor skills, creating a fictional story, identifying main characters and story-sequence, illustrating pictures in relation to text, and so much more! We had many parent volunteers who helped chaperone, and then assisted during the workshop. It was not only a great learning experience for our young learners, but it was also a great way to build our school community!

Most Holy Redeemer visit


We enjoyed a very nice tour of  the school, especially with all the happy faces of the children. The children were eager to greet their visitors and tell them all the things they’re learning.

I really do appreciate your generous outpouring today and all that led up to the event and beyond.

Pictured left to right are Father Matt, Sister Mary Susanna, Father José and Father Jack enjoy a tour the school and a delicious lunch at Fiore restaurant which was covered by the auction committee. Father Matt and Father Jack are from Most Holy Redeemer Parish.

Raffle Prize Awarded!


Marc Colelli, representing Most Holy Redeemer Parish, and Sister Mary Susanna present the Cocktails at Tiffany’s raffle prize of $5000 to the Jara family.