Santa Visits!


Saint James Catholic School had a holiday bake sale and had a very special visitor. Father José, our pastor, was very happy to take a picture with Santa and his little friend. We hope that you can join us next year for this fun event. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Innovation Challenge

The Childrens Creativity Museum is a great place for our students to venture to for local field trips.  We are grateful for the fee waived field trips they are able to provide us with each year. This year 3rd Grade students were joined by the 3rd Grade Class from SAIC and were able to participate in the Innovation Challenge Field Trip in the morning followed by the Claymation Field Trip in the afternoon.  It was a great opportunity to work with students from another school as well as learn to take risks, face failure (and success) as they work with, and alongside each other.

More information on Children’s Creativity Museum Field Trips.

Step Up To The Plate!

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Saint James Catholic School is a proud recipient of a Step Up To The Plate Education grant.  Brandon Crawford has partnered with Wells Fargo and KNBR in a program that supports many good efforts in local schools. We received $5000 towards our Arts program. Teachers and students are excited about acquiring materials like paints, brushes, construction paper, clay, etc. for our Art program. Not only will Sister Elizabeth Lee’s K-3 Art classes benefit, but so will our Art Electives and Extended Care programs. Our school is one of twenty-six schools in the San Francisco Bay Area who received a $5000 grant from Wells Fargo. Not only did we receive public recognition at A T & T Park, but we received air-time on KNBR during the Giants successful post-season.  We’re delighted about receiving this grant for Art.