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Saint James is a Catholic elementary school located in the Mission District of San Francisco and an Alliance of Mission District Catholic Schools member. The Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose in association with their lay partners administer St. James School. More

Our parochial school serves children of families of varied cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds with all services afforded by the Archdiocese of San Francisco.Empowered by Jesus and His teachings, we accept the responsibility to help develop the gifts and talents of students, parents, and staff alike.  We acknowledge that parents are the primary educators of our students, and we strive to work collaboratively to ensure success of all students. We challenge our students to recognize their important role as future world leaders guided by the Gospel mandate to serve one another in love.  As leaders of our faith community, the faculty instills a strong sense of Catholic/Christian values, self-worth, moral responsibility and 21st Century skills.  We empower students to reach their full potential by fostering the development of the whole child, thus enabling the students to continually grow as positive, contributing members of the Church and society.  



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Dominican Education . . .

Celebrates a diverse and collaborative community.

Students learn to share their talents, recognize the insights of others, and to practice the skills of collaboration and respect. The school community embraces students and families with care, inspiring a desire for God’s love and truth wherever they are – on campus, within the family, the community , the Church and the world.

Is anchored in a spirit of constant prayer.

St. Dominic preached that prayer and study were intimately linked, because they lead to a deepening faith in God, recognition of Jesus as Truth, and openness to God’s Spirit expressed in loving service. The search for God through prayer and contemplation leads to a desire for kinship with all creation and with Earth that sustains it.

Forms individuals in love by fostering a life-long love for learning while also learning how to love.

Students are encouraged to think, not what to think, as they acquire knowledge and facts. The intellectual and spiritual tradition of the Order of Preachers promotes integrity, and building confidence to proclaim the Gospel as good news for all. In this way knowledge is always at the service of truth.

Teaches how every believer is to embrace Jesus’ preaching mission and service as a way of live.

The spirit of the Gospel is embodied in community outreach, personal formation, awareness, and advocacy. Enlivened by the truth of the Gospel, young adults grow into Christian leaders as they learn to address critical social issues.