Our Mission

To help your child continually grow as contributing members of church and society.
Empowered by Jesus and His teachings, we accept the responsibility to help develop the gifts and talents of students, parents, and staff alike. We challenge our students to recognize the importance of their role as future world leaders in light of the Gospel mandate to serve one another in love. As leaders of our faith community, the faculty strives to instill in our students a strong sense of Catholic/Christian values, moral responsibility, appropriate decision making skills and sense of self worth.

What our parents are saying

"I decided to send my daughter to St. James School because it is a loving and safe place. The teachers are great, there are many extra programs and your child is never left behind. As you walk in the school you are surrounded by pictures that show the love in the school. It's truly amazing what can happen to a child in this special environment."

Roseann A. Kincade

"At Saint James School we learn about the Gospel. Sister teaches us to be respectful and faithful."

A dynamite Dominican

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